Fuel tanks started

We went ahead and started section 18 while we were waiting to finish the lights on the leading edges. First we trimmed and deburred all of the tank stiffeners. Next was putting nutplates on the tank attach zee's. Brandi doesnt like weilding the pnematic squeezer since its heavy and bulky so in order to coax her out to the shop I strapped it to the bench and gave her my already warmed up sweater. It was kind of chilly in the shop since I usually dont run the heat once it gets in the mid to upper 60's because thats comfy for me but not so much for her. I worked on installing the ribs into the fuel tank skin, which invovled clecoing and match drilling them all in there. Not much fun as some of those ribs dont want to line up very well in certain holes. Queue the rubber mallot again.

The fuel tank caps were drilled and then countersunk. It seems to be pretty difficult to get the cap on and off and I dont like the fact that it doesnt screw on but rather has a little gasket. I've read that some people get premium fuel caps. I might look into that but not sure if it will be necessary.

All of the ribs for the left tank have been dimpled and we are still deburring the fuel tank skins. We got a little cordless screwdriver that will make deburring easier. We got a really great deal on it too since Home Depot had them online with free shipping for $10! They were $25 on the shelves of the store. Deburring holes is my least favorite part of the entire project. Good thing theres only like 20,000 holes. Ugh.

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