Brandi and I started in with the proseal last night. Brandi is very meticulous and carefully squeezed perfect lines of sealant and stuck all the stiffeners to the fuel tank skin. Near the end when she was done I thought I would go over the edges of the stiffeners since she had only done the holes so far and there was plenty of proseal left over that I didnt want to go to waste. I snatched the cake icing bag of proseal right up and went to work. I thought out loud, "Man this stuff is hard to squeeze, we need to cut the opening a little bigger." I tuned Brandi out as she suggested I shouldn't. As I man handled the little proseal baggy, a huge glob burst out of the side of the bag where it split because I was just monkey squeezing it. I thought Brandi was going to kill me! Fortunately, for my safety, I didn't make any mess other than a golf ball sized glob of proseal on my double latex gloved hand.

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