Making good progress

It’s been awhile since I've added an entry so I wanted to comment that we have been working diligently on the wings to get them done and out of the way of the fuselage that will probably arive in mid February. We let the fuel tank sealant (proseal) dry for a week or two so we could test it for leaks. We didn’t fully close them up by putting on the baffles and I'm glad because one of the tanks had a leak. Brandi is going to fix that while I'm out of town. While we were waiting for the tanks to dry we have been preparing the bottom wing skins for attaching. There are sooo many holes to cleco and drill and debur and re-cleco and dimple and re-cleco. I also got the Gretz mount installed for the pitot tube. Basic wiring kit from Vans was ordered today. We're moving right along!

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