Honey-Do List

Brian's been out of town for the past week at a work expo in Vegas. Before he left, he presented me with a honey-do list for the plane. I was somewhat expecting it. Our fuselage is ready for delivery, we've still got a lot of work to do on the wings before we can move them out of the garage and we're going to lose 5 days while we're in the Bahamas. Did I somehow manage to make going to the Bahamas sound like a burden? So, I've spent a good bit of time in the shop this week. I have the blisters to prove it. :)

Honey-Do List Task 1: Fix Fuel Tank
When we tested the fuel tanks last week, we discovered that we had missed sealing up a seam in one of the end ribs and it had a small leak. So, I mixed up some proseal (ugh!) and hopefully took care of it. We'll test them again when it's had time to cure. If they pass, we can then install the baffles and close them up completely.

Honey-Do List Task 2: Debur and Dimple Bottom Right Wing Skin
While working on the top skins, I discovered that this chore is easier to tackle in the living room floor than in our workshop. Because of the nice 70 degree weather we had over the weekend, I put off this task until the rain came in today and opted to work on my next task out in the shop where I could open the door and windows and be somewhat outdoors!

Honey-Do List Task 3: Build Ailerons
I was excited to get started on these. They're like mini versions of the leading edge and I was confident I could get both of them completed before Brian got back home. Oh boy, I have never been more wrong! I built the cradle and got through the initial assembly of the left aileron pretty fast but drilling the holes through the counterbalance takes forever and it's boring. So, I took a break from it, assembled the right one and then went back to drilling on the left. I got bored of it again and decided that I'd start cutting up the stiffeners. I almost had them finished when the muscles in my small hand and blisters between my fingers forced me to call it quits for a few days. Back to drilling...

I've got a decent amount of work done this week but it has gone by pretty slow. I'm a perfectionist and I don't mind working alone so it hasn't been too bad but I can't wait until Brian gets back. It's way more fun when he's around!

Edit: we were still learning and Brandi didnt realize the difference in drilling through steel yet so she had dulled the bit and was just drilling drilling drilling away with a dull bit to no avail. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way! :) 

Aileron Cradle
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