Ailerons are coming along quite nicely. We are done with one of them and the other is 50% finished. We are waiting for more pop rivets to arrive because we ran out. Since we bought the empennage already built, this was the first experience we had with trailing edges. The Vans recommended way is to use proseal and go through all this hassle and it didnt sound fun at all. I found a method that another builder used where he grinded a flush rivet set to be at an angle so that when you squeze the trailing edge rivets the angle of the flush set was actually flush to the skin. This worked great I think! The trailing edges arent wavy or bowed best we can tell. Way easier than the Vans described method. The ailerons have been pretty easy so far and were kind of fun to put together because we got to see results of a finished product so fast.

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