Wings take their first flight

 In a previous post I was discussing the several options we were considering with where to place the wings since they were completed and we needed them out of our shop to make room. We ended up taking them to the hangar of our good friend, Bill Campbell. Our good friend Keith also uses this hangar and the both of them helped us move everything and hoist them about 13 feet into the air on top of a loft area in the hangar. What an exciting day this was on multiple levels.

We loaded the wings into a box truck that Bill was kind enough to come over with. I held onto the wing cradle on the drive over to the hangar. I was so nervous they would somehow get damaged and our 500+ hours of work on the wings would be spoiled. I didnt really have anything to worry about, but after we had spent so much time on them I guess my concern wasnt unwarranted. :)

We got to the hangar and Bill had rigged up a pulley system. Brandi and I were sure that Bill, a physicist, knew was he was doing but still we looked at each other a little uneasily at the prospect of our wings dangling from the rafters of about a 30 foot ceiling. We first tried to pick it up by one end of the spar and have another person walk up the other end up a ladder but this turned out to be a no go. Next, we rigged up two straps to hoist the wings up by. This worked like a champ and once we got everything figured out it took probably 45 minutes to get both wings up top. Whew! Now our wings are safe and out of everyone's way.

There is really no way to express the amount of gratitude that we have for Bill and Keith helping us like this. Thanks guys! You are very kind and helpful. Brandi and I appreciate you. I will continue to attest that you cannot find better people than in the aviation community.

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