Doors underway

I've been dreading the doors as most -10 builders indicate they are the most difficult and problematic. After a few weeks of putting them off and doing any little other thing that I could I started running out of things to do so I had to start on them. I went slow, followed the directions and began the unpleasant task of trimming all the edges. That wasnt so bad. Next, the plans have you line up the inner and outer door shells and cleco them together via the pre made pilot holes. The pilot holes didnt line up! Panic ensued! Got lots of good feedback from and kept pressing on. Then I had an epiphany! What makes a difficult task really easy? Well, delegate of course! So little Brandi is now the proud owner of section 45, doors, all that is evil. I used to think I was a really fortunate guy to have a wife who was helping build. Now I think that I just might be the smartest builder to date. :)

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