Oshkosh 2011

This was our first trip to Oshkosh, WI for AirVenture and we had a blast! We flew commercial to Milwaukee from Atlanta. Our bus with Lamers was rescheduled to leave before our flight came in so we found a ride with another -10 builder and his wife who just happened to be driving through at the right time. Thanks again, Scott! They dropped us off at the Camp Scholler entrance where we registered for camping Wednesday night through Sunday night. We received lots of questions in the camper registration line because we stood there with a duffel bag of camping gear and two backpacks. It was a strange sight to most because 99% of the people there had a vehicle or a camper and we looked like we had just walked there. The guys in line with us wished us luck as we finished registration and began scouring the huge camp grounds on foot looking for a spot to pitch our tent. It had just finished raining when we arrived so the grounds were muddy and the place was FULL of campers. We managed to find a little spot with a small shade tree not far from the entrance. The spot wouldn't have worked for most people but we had a two person tent and no vehicle so it was great for us! Come to find out, it was even better than we originally thought. We had showers and the camp store close to us on one side and the SOS Bros. beer tent not far in the other direction. =D

We walked, drank beer, saw lots of awesome airplanes, ate brats, attended forums and workshops, browsed the EAA Museum, talked with vendors, watched airshows, checked out the Seaplane Base, got some great inspiration and walked some more. We also made lots of new friends and enjoyed spending time with some of the builders that we had met previously. The whole 4 days went by so fast! I don't think we even saw 1/2 of what there was to see. I'm already looking forward to next year and the year that we get to fly-in and camp in home-built camping!

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