Nose wheel and gear

Got a jump start on section 46 even though the doors are not finished yet. I built up the nose wheel and gear and now I just need to get a hold of a spring scale to calibrate the fork to turn at 26lbs of force. I accidentally pinched the tube in the tire when assembling it and so I had to order a new tube. That really sucked because I was so careful to not do that but I guess when I pulled the stem through the wheel it must have pulled the tube in between wheel halves just enough to be pierced when I bolted them together. The new tube arrived and it was installed so all is well now.

We are using an after market nose axel and a few other wheel related items per Tim Olson and others warning on the stock ones. Reference: Better Tires and Tubes

In summary, delete these:

  • U NW501.25 Nose wheel w/ bearings
  • U 5:00X5-6IT Tube for nose wheel
  • U 15X6.0-6IT Inner Tube Main
  • U-1009 Axle

Buy these:

All said and done its about a $110 upgrade that should be well worth it.

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