Window attached to left door

We did a lot of sanding and fine trimming to the plexiglass window for the left side door. Once we were happy with the fit we went ahead and mounted the window to the door with weldon. This was a sloppy mess and we're not too thrilled with the result. We masked everything off and moved quickly and it turned out ok but we didnt get a nice fillet on the inside of the window edge. We'll have to go back and fix this cosmetic detail at some point or cover it up with our interior.

After speaking with our good friend Geoff, we decided to try using the Lord adhesive for the windows instead. Geoff and several other people have had good results with it and there is a buzz in the community as to whether or not the weldon is partially responsible for cracks in the paint due to uneven shrinking/expanding of the different materials. Supposidly the Lord adhesive should give a little more flexibility than the weldon and worst case scenario it sure will be easier to work with! It cost a little bit more to go with the Lord adhesive but if it means no cracks in the paint then its worth it. The weldon was about $60 for 5 windows worth and we bought 12 each of 50ml tubes of the Lord adhesive for just under $200. There was a price break at 12 tubes and we figured it would take us about 10 tubes to finish the remaining 4 windows. Kind of a lot of $ in my opinion but this does give us a couple extra tubes for other various things and again, if it prevents cracks in the future it will be worth it. Since we have one window that is already done with weldon, we'll have an interesting test case to provide to the community in the future.

Advice - wait until after the door is perfectly fitted including the latch mechanism before you install the window. Having the window on the door just makes it heavier and harder to work around and its not necessary to install the window so soon like the plans have you do.

Thanks Uncle Ben for holding down the fort! :)

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