Wiring mess

The wiring has taken way longer than I imagined it would. Its coming along great though and I enjoy the electrical system stuff nearly the most of any other system so far. The hardest part of it all has been doing as much as I can without having all of the avionics. We're buying stuff as we go, which is the only way we can afford to do it so instead of being able to just do all the wiring at once when its all in memory I have to keep re-visiting it and get back up to speed on where everything needs to go and how it goes together. I'm working off the Bob Nuckolls Z-13/8 diagram with a few modifications that I made. Namely, I added an avionics switch, combined a couple of switches into one, and other very minor tweaks. Our good friend Gary has a small battery that he is pulling out of his -10 because its near the end of its service life and hes going to give it to us to use so we can test our electrical system with it and delay having to buy our battery until closer to when we actually need one. I'm kind of nervous about powering up the system for the first time. I'm going to go back and double check everything and then close my eyes while I tightly grip the fire extinguisher and flip the master switch. 

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