Baffling attached

The baffling work has been fairly enjoyable. Its a nice break from fiberglass. I got the baffling attached and built up the front baffling, which is where there are a couple of challenging spots. The plans call for bending a conical shape piece to contour to the air inlet of the cowling. Wasnt too bad but takes some tweaking. The trickiest thing about baffling seems to be that sometimes you can just put the back or front ones right on or off but then the very next time you get it all snagged and it doesnt want to go on or off. I think I have figured out the trick most of the time is to push in the little curved parts on the baffling that scoop under the cylinders while installing/removing. The curved part I'm talking about is the parts that the cable will tie the baffling together underneath the engine. 

Also, when I went to attach the control cable to the prop governor it wasnt going to move through its full range of motion. I loosened the screw that held arm on the prop governor and was able to adjust it. Sometimes its the little things that make me proud of myself :)

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