This weekend we decided to tackle the rear windows and the windscreen. Brian already had them fitted and ready to go so it was pretty painless. The Lord Adhesive we bought came in 50ml packages with a mixing nozzle and an adapter for a regular caulk gun. We used approximately 100ml for each rear window and a little less than 150ml on the windscreen. After experiencing Weld On with the one door window, I'm so thankful we didn't go that route with the rear windows and the windscreen. It was messy enough as it was without the added complications from the stringy & fast curing Weld On. The Lord Adhesive stays workable for just the right amount of time to make some nice fillets on the inside and clean up any mess that oozed out on the exterior.

We didn't have the E-glass needed to finish up the windscreen but I did manage to get fairing filler applied between the plexiglass and the metal fuselage. I've read about guys using black ink toner to color the epoxy filler mix but I had already purchased some West System 423 Graphite Powder for some carbon fiber stuff I've been working on so that's what I used mixed with West System 407 Low-Density Filler. The 407 filler is already a dark brown/burgundy color and the added graphite powder made the epoxy/filler mixture a nice shade of black.

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