Light at the end of the tunnel!

Well, we have been "90% done 90% to go" for about a year. I think we are actually at 90/10 now!! If we stay on track, we should be able to move the project to the airport (KRYY) in about a month! Once at the airport we'll attach the wings and empennage and do the engine tests and all final inspections and testing. All of this should take another month or so, hopefully. We have decided to fly before its painted and also I'll get the 40 hour test phase underway while Brandi makes some final touches on the interior panels. There are a few mods that we would like to do that can wait until its flying, such as external battery charging capabilities, USB power for in flight charging of phones/devices, sun visors, removable passenger side stick (in flight), and others. The to do list is getting shorter. Every time I add something, I find something else that needs doing, but never the less, the list is dwindling! 



Time Estimate     To Do

0 Attach oil door

0 Nutplates on cowl front

0 Install Adahr rack

0 Install radio stack brackets

0 Wire SL40, 430, Audio Panel

0 Baffling

0 Run wires from audio panel to skyviews

0 Add an315-3r jam nuts to control cables

0 Drill vent holes in subpanel near fans

0 Run RS 232 TX from L. Skyview to ELT 

0 Install Panel

0 update skyview firmware

0 windscreen fairing

0 Filtered air box - apply black rtv + hookup air door cable

0 Test and check wiring system


0.5 Fire barrier on FWF

1 Run wiring from switches to wing root + plugs

1 install ELT antenna

1 wire tie runs down side of fuse

14 Fill door gaps

0.5 Seat rail mod

3 Configure flap trim sensor

3 Lights - install NAV - figure out strobe.

2 Rear rudder cable fairings

3 Cut tunnel cover fwd of fuel selector

0.25 Finish Garmin 430w bracket FWF - wait on tnc connector

1 Alternator - Belt + safety wire

1 Baggage light switch

0.5 Check all fuel/oil lines torque and seal

1 Wingtip trim - add filler and round edges

0.5 Plug alt static air and determine final location

2 Seat Belts - install

1 Battery Install

5 Inspect Empennage

1 Fix R. front baffle

0.25 Trim air intake snoot


42.5 Total

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