Surprise N number change

Brandi and I arrived at the hangar a couple months ago to do some work on the plane. When we arrived I saw that one of the guys had been goofing around and made a fake change to our N number to read N43BU. The significance of 42BU is that the airplane is for two B.U.'s - Brian Unrein and Brandi Unrein. Sometimes the hangar mates are as bad as our parents about bugging us when are we going to have kids. I got a good chuckle out of this. The joke was on me though because Brandi said, "I did that, you're going to be a father!"  Wow! What a great way to hear that my sweet little Brandi is pregnant! She is 13 weeks now and had a good checkup at the Dr. so we are now telling everyone and we are so excited! We wont actually change the N number of the airplane, but this was a very cute and funny way for Brandi to tell me something.

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  • Congratulations!  I finished an RV-8a in 2008, and keep combing your site for ideas for the upcoming RV-10.  We had our first in July and now need more seats.  You're going to love the kiddo.
  • Thank you!

    Good luck on the -10. Send us an email if you have any questions about anything we did.
  • Sure beats a slap upside the head...  Smile
    Congrats on the little one, but don't turn around too quick...they grow up fast!
  • Congratulations!

    Although I am a generation ahead of you (I mean age), I have to confess that I've been living vicariously on your plane construction and trips.
    What touched me more, was the beautiful couple you are. With the beauty and innocence of young age. Keep you young at heart.
    I am just welcoming my first grandson. Now that you are going to have your first child, I am connected to you by our love for aviation and flying, and by the magic of life that surround us all.

    My warmest congratulations boys. God bless you and your child.

    Guido Spaini
    Maturín, Venezuela
  • Congrats!  Our girls don't know what it would be like w/o the -10 and that's the way we like it. ;) I'm praying things go well with the pregnancy.
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