RV-10 with corvette engine

A long time friend of mine had a post-wedding party up near Washington DC where he lives and so a buddy and I flew up there for the weekend. We had a great time but I realized I didnt get any photos unfortunately.

We had to divert to Peachtree City (KFFC) on the way home to wait out some weather that was looming over home base. There is no better place to get stuck than at Falcon Field with my fellow RV squadron mates. My buddy and I helped John Goodman finish putting back together his plane from some work he was doing on it. I did get a great shot of the only -10 I know of that has a corvette engine. This thing sounds amazing when he cranks it up!

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  • Hello, dear Brian! We are very interested in the info at your web site about RV-10 with corvette engine. Is it possible to get in tuch with the owner of that aircraft? Thank you in advance!
  • I'll reach out to the owner and ask if its ok to give you his contact info and then email you back.
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