Creighton Island

Ever since building the RV10 it has been on my bucket list to do awesome camping trips with the plane. When Lucy came around, that desire was amplified, as I have great memories of camping as a kid. I went looking for fields suitable for camping and stumbled across a website that had exactly what I was searching for. is an amazing organization, which I ended up joining! More on that later. I found Creighton Island as a possible destination and arranged to fly in there for a camping trip with the fam. What a beautiful destination with gorgeous live oaks laced with Spanish moss in true Savannah like style. We flew in to the ~2000ft grass strip, which was freshly patched for holes that the local cows like to dig up! Our good friends Lenny and Anda also flew their -10 in along with their dog, Radar. We met up with the owner of the island along with Eric, State Ambassador for the RAF, and they showed us around and got us settled into camp. Part of the welcoming crew was Willie, the elder donkey of the island.

We explored the island a bit while taking in the beautiful sights, including a great view from a tall fire tower. We also took a nice walk on a dock that took us out to the water. We gathered muscles that we would steam over the camp fire later that night. Our friend Bill and his son flew in and Lucy enjoyed playing with him. Lucy went on a boat ride, played with the owner's grandchildren a bit, and managed to play so hard she slept during the hay-ride style tour of the island. There were donkey's on the island, but somehow I ended up pulling the kids around in a cart at times. No one even offered me a carrot! :(  lol

Lucy is a voracious eater, and as such her favorite part of the entire trip may have been the discovery of wild blackberries, which she enjoyed very much. 

We camped out two nights in a bunkhouse that was located at the campsite, complete with great amenities like hot showers, and a pavilion with sinks! Not exactly roughing it. The weather was perfect with a nice light breeze and about 58 degree nights and upper 70's during the day. Between all the good company, food, weather, and landscape, it was tough to leave. Brandi said her final goodbye to Willie with a selfie, then Lenny said his goodbyes, and off we flew... to get breakfast in St. Simon Island, just a quick 10 minute flight away! What a wonderful way to travel around to islands. We said our goodbyes once again to everyone and enjoyed a peaceful trip home Sunday afternoon. 


This was one of the most enjoyable trips we have taken and I'm thankful to the owner of the island for allowing visitors to come and stay and play on the island, and to the RAF for maintaining the field. 

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