House on the Rock

My friend Greg has wanted to go see 'The house on the rock' for a while and asked if I would fly him up to Wisconsin to check it out. Of course I was ready for adventure, so we jumped in and went over a weekend. I didn't know anything about this place going into it, but boy was I pleasantly surprised! This place was really eclectic and fascinating and I would highly recommend anyone to go check it out. We flew into Madison and enjoyed some beers and lunch, then we went to a bar for a drink before checking into the hotel. We went out to a nice steak dinner and had too much to drink and fortunately had a nice short stagger back to our hotel room, which was close by. The next morning we set off early after a really amazing buffet breakfast as the Marriot. We got a Lyft ride out of Madison, which would turn out to be a logistical nightmare since we ended up getting stranded with no ride back. 

We toured the HotR for like 3 or 4 hours and it was really fun and each new turn lead to unexpected surprises. We managed to get a $140 taxi ride back into Madison with a [hopefully] ex-Russian mafioso guy. He was quite the character and we talked the whole ride back. We jumped in the adventure machine and fought our way around the weather and made it back home late at night. I had a really smooth nighttime landing, which is always satisfying. I love night time flying because of the chill radio chatter, smooth air, and starry night sky. Another adventure in the books!

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