Salvador Dali

On Father's Day Lucy and I flew down to St. Petersburg, FL (KSPG) to visit the Salvador Dali museum for a day trip! Brandi was going to join, but wasnt feeling well that morning sadly. We set off early and half way there Lucy wanted to fly and she did some mid-trip 'up/downs' (oscillation), which is standard fare when its just the two of us. I have a short video clip of her flying, which is so dang cute because she's casually flying while clutching her little 'lovey' (stuffed animal). I'll miss this age and I know its fleeting.

We met up with our friends, the Jennings, near Orlando and arrived at KSPG around lunchtime.  We wanted to eat at the restaurant on the field, but it was extremely busy, so we took our chances with the museum food, ick! Turns out it was actually really delicious foods at the museum, although a bit expensive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits and everyone else seemed to as well. I like the surrealism style and even more they had augmented reality where specific paintings would 'come to life' through the lens of their phone app. Very cool stuff! The thing that first turned me on to going was they had taken sound/images from Dali while he was alive, shoved it all into a computer and using AI recreated his character, which was on screens talking about the museum and interact with you a bit! Everyone seemed to enjoy it and afterwards we decided to walk out to the pier. Before leaving though, there was a huge tree where everyone put their spent admission wrist bans and Tim managed to get his the highest up on the tree of any of the thousands that were on there. Nice work Tim!

The weather was fantastic and after a pleasant walk we had a great view and yummy dinner at Teak, the restaurant at the end of the pier. It was nearing the end of a long day and so we said our goodbyes and enjoyed a nice night flight home. Well, I enjoyed it and Lucy slept soundly the entire way :) I couldn't have wished for any better way to spend Father's Day. 

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