Summer 2022

This Summer we took our most audacious travel to date and it was epic! We flew over 5,400 nautical miles; 25 flights; 34.8 hours during our 26 day journey. We're so thankful to all the great friends and family we have that met up with us. I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out, but here goes anyways.

Denver Area, Colorado

  • Sharing great fun with our Denver area friends
  • Tubing down the river
  • Royal Gorge
  • Mount Evans hiking
  • Meow Wolf
  • Board games: Clue & Blokus
  • Hangar BBQ and evening airplane rides

Challis, Idaho

  • Beautiful Sawtooth mountains
  • Scary thunderstorm cells turned out to be nothing
  • Met up with my Grandparents, who drove their RV up from Tucson, AZ
  • Goldbug hot springs hike
  • Board games: Rumicube & Blokus
  • Drinks by the river
  • Fun flight with Grandpa

Johnson Creek, Idaho

  • Best airplane camping area I've ever seen!
  • Quiet, tranquil, amenities handy like firewood, bikes, hot showers, picnic areas
  • New friends in the Cessna 185 squad & marshmellows 
  • Hot springs bathtub on side of mountain
  • Swimming in super cold creek
  • Peaceful

Glacier National Park, Montana

  • Fuel & food stop before Canadian hop
  • CanPass / ArriveCan - refiling Lethbridge to Calgary to Rocky Mountain
  • Fighter jets taxied in and took on 6,500 gallons of Jet-A!

Calgary Area (Okotoks), Canada

  • "Branch Ranch" - great friends at their beautiful grass strip home
  • Hiking, horse rides, chickens
  • Ram Falls & cold swims and Sheep River Falls
  • Sleeman honey brown beers around the campfire
  • Cub flying

Vancouver Island, Canada

  • Beautiful mountains and island view en route
  • IFR everywhere on account of busy airspace
  • Courtney, Qualicum Beach, Victoria
  • Spending time with new friends going to Cathedral Grove, wine on patio, and Coombs market
  • Butchart Gardens - wow!
  • Bus rides
  • Southern tip Victoria - view across to mountains of Washington

Vancouver, Canada

  • Boundary Bay arrival
  • Hyatt hotel in downtown area
  • Science World
  • Second Beach
  • Ramen noodles

Penticton, Canada

  • Hot dessert like walk to get ice cream
  • Walk to winery with Lucy piggy back up a huge hill
  • Brandi wine tasting
  • Hang out at beach

Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • Nearly 40 kt tailwinds
  • Aviation school traffic inbound
  • Splashers indoor water park
  • Launching point for Oshkosh

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