Dalton Fly-In Lunch

I was doing maintenance at the airport this past Saturday and a friend, Benson, let me know there was a fly-in lunch he and a few others were going to that afternoon. I got to climb into his Champ, which I've never been in one before, and we enjoyed a slow but wonderful flight up to Dalton (KDNN). We flew with the door off and at about 600 ft the whole way and it was really fun and much different than the RV-10 style of flight I am accustomed to. We enjoyed some really great brisket, coleslaw, and beans and they even had a vendor that made their own ice cream. What a wonderful treat! I got Chocolate, yum! Benson had to get back to Calhoun and so did I, so after I looked around at the dozens of Mooney aircraft on the ramp we took off. Thank you Cole Aviation for hosting the lunch! They are a Mooney service center and I always loved the Mooney and figured that would be the airplane I gravitated towards if I didnt have the RV-10. 

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