Ohio 4th of July

We havent seen our friends, the Blacks, in a while and so we planned to visit them for 4th of July celebrations. Ben went overboard this year with a huge block party involving TONS of fireworks, a water bouncy castle, enough food to feed an army, and most important the return of the two story inflatable beer can!! Oh and to top it off we installed a huge sound system inside the can so it was just pumping out music the entire day during the party. We did the typical board games and beer late at night and cooked out big breakfasts and enjoyed the time with our friends. 

Thunderstorms were forecasted over the next several days while we were there so fortunately we got tucked into a hangar. The weather turned out to be perfect the entire time and we had SO MUCH FUN. The girls and kids went on a nature walk and saw a fairy garden. The boys went mountain bike riding at Horn's Hill and it was amazing! First time I ever went on a trail like this and it was pretty intense. 


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