RV-14 flying

My friend, Vio, recently finished building his RV-14 and asked if I wanted to come ride along for the fun of it and also so we could test a few things like in flight mag check and fuel flow differential between cylinders. I have never flown in the 14 before and it was roomy and maneuverable! We met up early on a Sunday morning and had a nice beautiful vista at KRYY.

We did some touch and go at Lumpkin County (9A0), which is always a really fun and challenging approach due to being narrow, short, and nestled among the foothills. Vio and I then flew back to RYY before going up to Calhoun after waiting out some storm cells. A huge military helicopter landed in at Calhoun right after us - we were giving them a pirep on the wx since there was still some storms in the area. About 15 minutes after landing another storm cell rolled through quickly and showered us in a decent amount of rain, which was not good since the RV-14 canopy tends to leak a bit until its sealed up, which is usually done during the painting process. Poor Vio was trapped in the -14 on the ramp doing damage control trying to keep water out of his avionics. We finally got him pulled into our hangar and we put bubbles out while we got things dried up a bit. It was a bit intense since the plane was so new and we all worried briefly it was getting water damage. It turned out to be ok though and he flew home not much later. It was a fun filled airport day with lots of excitement!


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