Visit Collegedale Friends

We flew up to Collegedale (KFGU) on a quick 15 minute leg to spend a beautiful "first fake fall" day with our friends Will and Keri. First fake fall is the annual event where we get some cool weather and we all think ahh, finally cool fall weather is here to relieve us from the heat of summer. Then it will surely get scorchingly hot again and probably trick us a couple more times before we get first real fall. 


Brandi got some rust off and did most of the flying up there, including radio calls. I took over once we were downwind. Great job Brandi! We landed and spent the day on our friends beautiful porch just chattering away while Lucy and her friend, Margaret, played in the pool, made a stop motion video, and generally just had a blast hanging out! Will is a part owner of a beautiful Tecnam airplane that I want to fly one day. I think they look so cool and they are very efficient for a twin. We also saw the Sling project they are building, which we are rooting for heartily so they can go on more adventures with us! 

After a delicious dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, we flew back home for a tranquil evening flight. It was nice to test the JetShades that we recently installed in a night time setting as we werent sure if we would have to pull them out at night or not. They turned out to be just fine. 

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