Hummingbird Helicopter

During Oshkosh Lucy was wild about the Hummingbird helicopter that our friends Vic and Carol built recently. She was surprisingly enthusiastic and Vic kindly offered to give her a ride sometime. We finally made it down to Mallards Landing this past weekend and Lucy got her ride and denounced our beloved RV10, bubbles, as she stated she wanted a Hummingbird helicopter! I admit, I've only been in helicopters a few times and they are exhilarating! We had the good fortune to enjoy perfect weather as we cruised over the beginnings of colorful fall leaves. The view was amazing as we cruised around at 500 feet with the front doors completely off. Lucy was having a blast doing the 'flying hand out the door' thing :) She was completely enamored with the air park and the helicopter and it was a joy for everyone. We then relaxed on the back porch and soaked in the wonderful afternoon while chatting aviation. Thank you Vic and Carol! 

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