Arizona Thanksgiving 2023

We flew out to AZ to visit family for Thanksgiving and along the way we stopped in Addison TX to break up the long [headwinds] Western trip. We targeted Addison (KADS) because we wanted to checkout the Meow Wolf that was there since we hadnt been to that one yet. It was just ok. Tt was so similar to the one in Santa Fe and we were hoping for something different. We left out of TX and stopped in Las Cruces, NM for fuel, both airplane and people! We ate delicious BBQ right on the field and they had a wonderful variety of sauces including my favorite, salsa verde. We arrived into Ryan Field (KRYN) near Tucson and needed to put the IFR rating to work as there was atypical weather in the area. 



We caught the Tucson Roadrunners minor league hockey team play that evening and had fantastic seats for cheap. Spent time with family at Golf N Stuff doing putt putt, laser tag, go karts, and bumper boats. Then we drove down to San Carlos Mexico (its on the West coast in the Baja) to gather with a bunch of family where we would spend Thanksgiving. (We're not hispanic - my Grandparents have just had a vacation home down there for decades). 


After a wonderful time visiting family we packed up and headed for home, determined to make it in one day with some excellent tail winds. We were hauling butt with a nice 220+ kts ground speed for much of the way! All was going great until mild disaster struck when we noticed while at the fuel pump in Cherokee County Texas (KJSO) that our nose wheel was slowly deflating right there on the spot. It was even a really smooth landing, so maybe we got a slight puncture somehow. We had to do a tire change and thankfully someone on the field had a tube. We fly with spare mains but not the nose tube, which I think in a pinch we could have used the main tube but they are a bit bigger. Shout out to the airport manager who was very helpful! Thank you!

We had a great easy flight the rest of the way home and enjoyed some excellent tail winds.

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