Creighton Island 2020

Lucy and I cruised down to one of our favorite little spots for an overnight camping adventure this past weekend. We have been to Creighton Island a few times now and it's always a pleasure. We were really looking forward to a quick swim once we got there since it was hot weather. We had a nice flight down, but sadly upon landing, we developed a flat tire. The valve stem was sheared off - likely because of low tire pressure and the tire spinning around the tube upon touch down. I'm upset with myself for not keeping a better eye on the pressure, but we were rescued by a team effort of really great people. Even though it was Saturday, we managed to find a maintenance tech nearby who was picked up by boat and brought to the island so that he could be flown to St Simon (KSSI) where his shop was to get a tube. We jacked up the plane and made the repair and Bubbles was in good shape again. 

We did get a little swim in and it was refreshing. Lucy squealed with joy at all the crabs on the shore and got to play with some baby chicks. She was enamored with them and played with them for over an hour. There were two yellow ones and a brown one. Sadly, that night a raccoon came and swiped two of them right out from under the protection of the owners. Lucy was upset but she kept calling them trash pandas and it was hard to not laugh. I explained to her that the raccoons weren't bad, they just needed to eat too and that's part of life. 

On the way back to the campsite we bumped into the small group of friends that were also enjoying the island. They had just finished up with dinner and surprised Lucy with a s'more they made for her! So she ate smores on the walk back to the campsite where I heated up burrito bowl fixings I had brought along. The burrito bowls heated up in a pot over a campfire while I washed Lucy off from a grimy island day. She sobbed and sobbed because the bathrooms were dark and yucky (they weren't that bad at all). She was just worn out from a long day. We ate the best burrito bowls of our lives (we worked up quite the appetite) and it was time to put her down to bed. Lucy had a hard time getting to sleep cause she missed her mom. She finally got to sleep and we woke up early the next morning to enjoy a quick breakfast, another visit with the surviving chick and then departed. 

I let Lucy fly some on the way home and we did up-downs and turned all about. We played rock paper scissors, quizzed each other on math, and told each other what shapes we saw in the clouds. It was so stinkin' wholesome. Even though we got bit up a bit by bugs, had to fix the airplane, cried for mom, and got worn out in the hot sun, it was still a pretty great time! Another adventure in the books.

I wish I could get this comfy on any flight! 

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